Brie De Meaux

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The King of Brie’s, this Brie de Meaux is a soft, mould ripened, unpasteurised cows milk cheese made in Ile-de-France around the region of Brie, 50 miles East of Paris. Most Brie de Meaux is still made in small family dairies using locally sourced milk. The flavour should be sweet yet smoky with a back note of wild mushrooms. The paste is compact, evenly textured and has the colour of light straw. The edible rind is velvety white.

Brie de Meaux is a good accompaniment to hot bread, crudites and salads and tastes great with a good, rich red wine.

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1 review for Brie De Meaux

  1. Charley McLeod

    Love the flavour and quality of the Brie. Always creamy and tasty.

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